There’s been a lot going on. I *attempted* to pull off a full-blown insane Self Care September Challenge last month. . . and about half way through I got stupidly sick. So in a way, I was challenged in a different self-care way last month. Rather than focusing on working out and eating super great and drinking a gallon of water every day . . . my focus shifted to getting sleep, listening to my body and resting – and also learning to be ok with your plans falling through or changing in ways you weren’t planning (or wanting).

On TOP of being sick out of my head for 2 weeks straight, we have been in the lengthy process of packing up our entire house to move. And we will be moving at the end of this week. Which brings me to the Quote Of The Month.

2016 impossible

Because all last month I kept thinking how much there has been to do. Packing room by room, all of my mugs are packed. all of my tupperware is away. We’re in the process of packing away the last few things and preparing to start the long cleaning part . . . I’ve been dealing with this for 2 months now – and I am so done.

There are days when I feel like it’ll never just end; like I somehow died and ended up in purgatory. Just a constant, neverending loop of knowing we need to keep packing – but you can’t pack too much because you still need to be able live and eat and cook and find clothes.

That all being said. The idea that all of this finally being done feels. . . impossible. It feels like it can’t be true. But here we are. Two days away from moving. And we can’t give up. We have to finish packing. We have to load up all of our belongings onto the truck and move it all into the new house.

But we can’t give up. Because it is very possible. So here we go. Welcome to October – a very, VERY stressful start to the month.

xoxo, katie


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