I Mixed All Of My Face Masks Together

Heyyyyyy guys! We’ve moved houses and things have FINALLY started to slow down enough for me to get my shit together to film a video! I decided to keep it light, easy and fun – so I decided I’d go the way of Safiya Nygaard, Simply Nailogical & others and do some Bad ______ Science. Today, It’s Bad Skincare Science.

I am mixing together ALL of my face masks – can you count them in the video?

Overall, I had a great time.

I do want to stress again – I would definitely NOT recommend this experiment if you have sensitive skin. I was taking a risk myself, knowing that I have eczema and chronic hives.

But everything was fine, and surprisingly the combined masks had more of a soothing effect than anything else. Again, I mostly attribute this to Perfectly Posh’s newer masks being developed without the “off mask” / “on mask” mentality (one mask to strip/detox/deep clean and then another to soothe/hydrate/moisturize/etc). So a lot of the new face masks both detox and hydrate, etc.

Should I find more products to mix together? What else do YOU want to see me attempt?

Let me know in the comments below! If you liked the video and want to see more, I’d *really* love it if you Subscribed and Liked the video ❤

Have a great week everybody!

~ xoxo, Katie ~

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