Day 4 | Sleep Please

I think it’s definitely a sign of how stupidly out of shape that I am, but I am so utterly exhausted today. (Doesn’t help I didn’t really get enough sleep last night . . .) I’m still going though. And after Thursday I have a rest day; rest day meaning that instead of a Blogilates intense workout, I’ll be doing a longer set of yoga stretches.

Honestly I’m super excited for it, because my muscles are starting to feel really sore and achy, especially my back. Even though I have been making a point to do at least a 5 – 15 minute cool down/yoga routine after my workouts to stretch out my muscles again.

But I know that this will all get easier, as I move forward and slowly build a routine and it becomes habit. My body will get used to working out daily – or at all honestly. And slowly but surely I’ll be able to really push myself even more. I am starting to enjoy these workouts though, so that’s something.

Now though, time for some much needed zzz’s.

~xoxo, Katie~

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