Day 5 | Mental Health

I don’t think enough people talk about the mental effects that your physical appearance and health. And a big part of this journey I’m on has to do with my mental health.

See, it wasn’t until I was overweight and starting to have self image issues that my mental health took a nosedive. Sure everyone has their fair share of baggage from their past and childhood – but it didn’t turn into an ugly beast for me until the pain of self-confidence issues set in. Growing up I had always felt fairly good about myself, even with the usual teasing from kids. I was always generally happy with myself the way I was.

But gaining weight changed all of that. My belly got big, I got a muffin top, my breasts grew 2 cup sizes, and I got rolls on my back . . . add that to the starting physical pains of being overweight (knee pain, back pain, fatigue, being just generally unfit and unhealthy) and I started slowly sinking. And everything else just seemed to cling to it like a magnet.

For me this is a journey of 2 things. 1 – my physical health and wellbeing so I can stay fit and healthy and live a hopefully long and productive and happy life. 2 – my mental wellbeing, regaining my confidence through weight loss and the empowerment that making the choice and putting in the effort to make this kind of life change brings with it. The sense of control and balance. It all goes hand in hand, because that’s how it came to me.

~xoxo, Katie~

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