Day 6 | Keep Going

You know how before I mentioned that the reason why I’ve failed in the past is partially due to taking a “rest day” and then proceeding to just stop working out completely? Yeah well, yesterday I didn’t workout. Being so overly tired from work, I woke up late, and then just had a rough day altogether. I was irritated that I was tired, and annoyed with myself for skipping a day.

But…today I made the change. I made a choice. Instead of being upset with myself and beating myself up, I did yesterday’s workout today. Luckily, Friday’s are to be “rest days” for stretching (which I intended on not actually resting but instead making more time for yoga). So I was able to treat yesterday as a rest day and today picked right back up where I left off.

Things are changing y’all. I hope you have a good weekend. Chat again tomorrow. You can expect a full week 1 update either tomorrow or Sunday!

~xoxo, Katie~

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