2019 Self Care September Challenge (S.C.S.C.)

This coming month I am going to challenge myself more than I ever have before. We’ve all heard of those fitness challenges, 30 day detoxes, goals, etc. etc. . . . This month I am challenging myself (and YOU) to an entire 30 days of a Full Life Challenge. It will henceforth be known as the Self Care September Challenge – or S.C.S.C. for short.


(get ready for a monologue)

Because self care is much, much more than face masks, bubble baths and glasses of wine (even though I love all of those things). It’s more than a “treat yo’ self” coffee or a “just because” manicure. It’s more than all of the material, external things that we typically count as “self care”. At the end of the day though,

Self Care starts from the Inside.

It’s about taking care of YOU, so that you can take care of others, making sure you’re getting enough (quality) sleep, that you’re eating well (and not binging on junk food). It’s making yourself go to the gym or on a run – or hell, even finally making yourself go to a therapist to talk about your issues.


No longer will it be the excuse for putting off important tasks – like things that could help get my dream candle shop up off the ground. From now on it means working to find a balance in my life in all areas. Work, Relationships, Mental and Physical Health, and even Financial Wellness. It means yes, enjoying life and indulging here and there – but NOT without getting the important, meaningful stuff taken care of too. (aka sure the laundry can sit another night but this blog post/YouTube video/Candle promo etc can NOT be put off again).

And maybe for you self care means something different. And that’s ok too.

Ok, but how are you actually going to do this?

When I realized I wanted to do this challenge, I sat down and assessed the points in my life that I wanted to change or adjust for the better of my overall life. For me, it looked something like this

  • mental wellness
  • physical wellness & overall health
  • financial wellness & debt payment
  • life balance

Then, I broke down what each of those things meant to me. Over the next weeks I’ll go into more detail on each item, how I put meaning behind those things, and how I planned to challenge myself to make each area better.

For example, and mostly because it’s easy and relatable, Physical Wellness.

First, I labeled it as such because while part of it is about wanting to lose weight, my main goal it to be overall more healthy.

To me, true Physical Wellness means…

  • getting enough sleep
  • staying hydrated
  • eating well
  • working out regularly
  • taking time to do yoga and stretch (because I love yoga & I also want to be more flexible/help my posture)
  • losing weight – to help me feel more confident but mainly to actually be healthy and remain so.
  • building some muscle – think, physically capable in an end-of-the-world-apocalypse scenario

Once I made note of WHY Physical Wellness was important, I came up with a few ways that would work for me (note: for ME – you may come up with your own methods) to challenge myself to reach those mini goals or aspirations. Like commiting to a 30 day ab workout challenge ( on top of a normal workout routine ). And setting up a health/wellness planner to track my weight, body measurements, water intake goals and more. I also plan on taking notes on what food I’m eating and how it makes my body feel (there’s this thing I’m experiencing called getting older – and apparently it comes with thing with heartburn and new allergies to random ass shit).

My Post

My Challenge To ALL Of You:

Join me for this Self Care September Challenge! Use the rest of this week to jot down your wellness goals – what do YOU want to work on that will help you feel better and happier with your life overall?

Over the course of the next 30 days I will be doing a combination of blog posts, Instagram updates and YouTube videos – so make sure you’re following me HERE, and also on my Instagram and YouTube accounts!

I look forward to starting this journey, and I hope you all join me!

On social media I will be tagging my S.C.S.C. post with #selfcareseptember2019 – so if you decide to join me tag your posts with it so we can all see what you’re doing for the challenge and we can all gather inspiration from each other!

until next time,

xoxo, katie

The Beauty In Multi-Masking

*this site sometimes uses affiliate links in my posts. I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post, but all my products reviews are open and honest*

It’s not like it’s a brand new thing in the beauty & skin care community. Multi-masking has been around for a while now. But – that doesn’t mean it’s not still confusing to some people! Today my goal is to take the mystery out of it . . . and maybe share a couple of my favorite face masks 😉


To put it simply, the term “Multi-Masking” is just a play on the term “Multi Tasking”. And who doesn’t love a play on words?

This is done whenever 2 (or more!) face masks are incorporated – usually in order to target specific concerns on certain areas of the face. Generally this means that you use a mask on your T-Zone and potentially another one or several others on different areas of the face.

In this example I’m using 2 of my favorite face masks from the company Perfectly Posh.

Mask 1 – Cackle Spackle

Cackle Spackle is definitely a hardcore Posh favorite for anyone that knows the brand! It’s actually one of the masks that got me absolutely hooked on face masks & Perfectly Posh!

From the Perfectly Posh website description . . .

Is your complexion feeling congested with dirt and excess oil? Time to detox! Overly congested skin gets a deeper, detoxifying clean with this oil-absorbing, kaolin clay face mask filled with charcoal that removes 2,000 times its weight in impurities, while helping reduce the appearance of imperfections with tea tree.

Laymans terms? This mask is PERFECT for detoxing and drawing out the nasties! This means it’s great to use on your T-zone or anywhere else that you struggle with excess oil, large pores or blemishes (or even blackheads!).

It’s cleansing and detoxifying without scrubbing – but the refreshing spearmint can be a little aggressive if you’ve got sensitive skin! This is also partially why I generally only use it on my T-zone – my cheeks are generally a little too touchy for this mask!


Mask 2 – Pore Chores

Pore Chores is another long loved product, but sadly in the retirement phase (you can still get it, and on sale too, for a short time! Follow the link to shop!).

From the Perfectly Posh website description . . .

Large pores, clogged pores, oily pores…if this describes your T-zone to a T, then you need to do your Pore Chores! This face mask features a powerfully absorbent kaolin clay base, which helps clear out excess oil and debris from your pores. Spirulina, a type of algae, sinks in and soothes skin and lavender and bergamot even out skin tone. Let it dry down and brush it off with your fingertips before rinsing with warm water.

While this mask is ALSO great for your T-zone, I like it better for its mild exfoliation uses! Turns out, if you let this heavily clay-based mask dry down completely, you can buff off most of the mask with your fingertips before rinsing – providing with some extra oomf on top of the clarifying clays and other skin loving ingredients!

Pore Chores is great for those wanting that detoxifying and clarifying mask but are probably too sensitive for Cackle Spackle.

Some other ideas . . .

Obviously this just opened up soooo many doors for you! You can even use a charcoal based mask as a spot treating mask – have a couple of breakouts and don’t want to do the full face mask thing? Dot the mask onto the blemishes & watch it get that assist for helping you battle those zit monsters!

Have dry skin on some areas but oily or  normal skin elsewhere? Use a hydrating face mask on the dry areas and then a good detox-er on that oily skin. ❤

There are so many options and mixing opportunities . . . so go out there and experiment like mad scientists!

Have fun, treat yourself, and happy pampering!

xoxo, katie

Adjusting Crowns

Woahhhhh Hey there August! Am I the only one who feels like the end of the year has snuck up on us? Can I get a raise of hands?

I feel like there’s something to be said for people that help people. There’s even more to be said of those that expect no reward for helping others. And yet, even more  when helping others is not done in an embarrassing manor.


Help others, even when they don’t ask for it or don’t yet realize they need it. Do it in a way that won’t embarrass the shit out of them. Do it knowing that the only thing you will gain from that interaction is feeling good that you helped someone in their moment of need – and hopefully they appreciate it.

Most times it’s as small as signaling to your girlfriend that she’s got something stuck in her teeth.

Or that random girl at the bar about to walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper on her shoe (yep it happens in real life too).

Even if it’s just offering part of you lunch to that coworker that forgot theirs and can’t afford takeout – and you know it.

Not only will it rub off on them (butterfly effect right?) but it will make YOU feel good about having been able to make a positive change in someone’s day.

Be kind. Help others. Be a queen (or king 😉 )



Permanent Brows! | Before, After + 1 Year Later

Hello friends! Today my very first YouTube video has been uploaded!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram ( @hangin.with.katie ) you’ll have seen that I recently got my eyebrows touched up. What does that mean? It means I have tattoos on my face, and just like all other tattoos the ink fades over time. So obviously, since they’re ON YOUR FACE, you’ll want to get the color refreshed every once in a while.

Since this marks the anniversary of my beautiful new (not sad and overplucked) eyebrows, I wanted to make a small video discussing the basics of permanent brows. What to expect, aftercare, and a year later update (aka where we’re at now).


P.S. officially sorry for…

  • The stupidly loud AC (it’s Florida. And it’s summer. So sue me)
  • Doggo background noises
  • Me being awkward & rambling a little (I could only edit so much of it out without the video not making sense XD )

I hope you enjoyed my video, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you did and please ring the bell to (maybe?) be notified whenever I post a new video!

Have a great day!

(I now have to go – my cat is notifying me that it is super late as I’m typing this up so it’s time for bed lol)

xoxo, katie

Let It Go

Here we go.

The dawn of a new age. The birthing of something beautiful.

They say that sometimes things fall apart so that better things can come together.

Here’s to hoping that they’re right. Whoever “they” are, anyways. Not that my life is in total shambles right now – though it’s definitely not what I would call ideal. I mean yeah, I’ve got a loving boyfriend, a roof over our (and our fur children’s) heads, a job with benefits, a working vehicle, food in the house…but sometimes anxiety and those little voices in your head whisper things that aren’t very kind.

Like how even though you’re making decent money, you’ve got a lot of loans to pay off – and it’s making it difficult to afford paying normal bills like rent, or even for food. Anxiety has a way of cranking all of your worries and fears and stressors up to 10…and then that’s when the spiral happens. When, in your head, everything falls apart.

Here’s something for everyone of my anxiety-dealing friends out there today –


Let. That. Shit. Go.

Get out of your head. Stay out of your head. I know you know what the beginning of that spiral feels like. It’s like when you were a kid, and you’d creep up to the edge of the big swirly slide on the playground – or when you’re on a rollercoaster and the machine ticks as it inches closer to the top before it sends you speeding down the track at several miles an hour.

That’s what it feels like. To experience the start of an anxiety or panic attack. You feel it happening. You know it’s going to happen. But sometimes…sometimes you’re strapped in too tight and there’s no emergency brake to let you get off. Sometimes you see it but you’re too far in you head to see it and grab for it.

I want to work towards finding that E-brake. And being able to reach and grab for it more consistently. Because we all know that yes, the feeling of anger and fear and rage right before an attack is real. And we know that we feel those things before an attack because we don’t want to be feeling those feelings – and so we get angry with ourselves for doing so. But. We also know that while it’s ok to accept that we feel a certain way, it’s important that we are able to yank on that E-brake HARD.

Here’s to letting the little shit go. The things that push your stress and anxiety up towards its limit. The things you panic about and worry over even though you already know that everything is going to be fine. (just because, what if it isn’t fine? your brain tells you…)

Here’s to accepting those triggers, and learning to cope with them in a healthy way.

Here’s to letting go.

xoxo, katie