Disclosure + Policies

Part of the main reason why I blog is to interact with others. I love conversing with all of you! But, some basic rules should be set down.

  1. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS: Constructive criticism is fine and even welcome. It’s perfectly alright to disagree with others, or even me. But there is no excuse whatsoever to stoop to the level of name-calling or attacking another commenter or blogger based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, occupation, height, weight, or even their favorite color. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. While I am a naturally sarcastic person, I do not make any remarks with the intention of insulting or being hateful to another person.
  2. NO EXCESSIVE/UNNECESSARY PROFANITY OR VULGARITY: We all get frustrated. And come on, we’re adults here. So, while I may *occasionally* use some choice words here and there, lets all do our best to keep it PG-13 shall we?
  3. NO SPAM: I’m thankful WordPress keeps most of this under control, but hey, you never know right? If you comment about some product or other (assuming it’s irrelevant to my post), it will not be approved, and will be deleted. However, if you want to link relevant content, or are a fellow blogger who wants to share some of your own work or posts on the subject of the post you’re commenting on (still with me? lol) please do! Just don’t overdo it. That’s called spam.
  4. NO HATE SPEECH: This kind of goes hand in hand with numero uno. But it’s possible to be hateful without attacking me or a commentator on this site. Example? Referring to a certain race, of a different gender, religion, sexual orientation, or those with special needs by some derogatory terms, that my friends is considered “hate speech” on this blog. However, these terms may be used by me, and in turn, may be allowed by commentators ONLY in a contextual sense. For example, I may rant about some men referring to women as “b—–s”. I may repeat that as part of my post, but that does NOT mean i endorse it in any way. I am just adding countering thoughts to an issue that gets under my skin. I will NEVER use such foul language to attack a person or group, and neither should you.
  5. NO NSFW CONTENT: Please don’t embed pornographic or graphically violent images or videos in comments, and do not trick anyone in leading to such content outside of the website. Again, it may be ok to LINK to the content IF IT’S CONTEXTUAL. For example: discussing scariest horror movie scenes; but please only post a LINK to the content with a clear indicator that it leads to NSFW content. Don’t post those sorts of things just for the heck of it. If I ever post something I think might be NSFW, I will label it as such. It will be in the title. This list is not all-inclusive and is subject to change. Commentators who fail to abide by this policy will be subject to their comments being deleted and, depending on the severity of the situation, being blocked from participating in any site discussions. If you find a fellow commentator is not abiding by these rules, please contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation and for abiding by my commenting policy.


This blog is a personal blog written and edited by the owner and creator, Katie (henceforth known as “I”, “my”, “myself”, or “me”). For questions about this blog, please use the form on my Contact page.

I do not accept any form of paid topic insertions. However, I will and do accept and keep free products, services, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations (not including paid product reviews). While these types of compensation may influence the topics I cover on this blog, it will in no way influence my opinion. Such cases will be clearly identified.*

For more about product reviews, see my Product Review Policy below.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.


I use my iPhone X to take all of my photographs. I use a combination of iPhoto, PicMonkey,  and AdobeSpark, to edit my photos and create digital images. If you would like to use one of my images, please feel free to do so, given these requirements are met:

  • the image is accompanied with a message, as follows: “photo/image credit: hanginwithkatie.com” in the caption
  • the image is linked to the page from which you found it on my site so, when clicked, the viewer is brought to my site
  • using the Contact Form, you notify me that you have used one of my images on your site, including the image used and the web address for the site you used the image on.
  • if I, the owner of aforementioned images, request that my image is removed from your site, you take down the image (this will only happen if you have failed to meet the above requirements)

From blogger to blogger, please respect my rules.

All images on this blog were photographed, digitally created, and edited by me, unless stated otherwise.

I may sometimes use an outside source for an image. In such cases I do my best to ensure the owner is given credit. I will include the appropriate markings and, if possible, provide a link to the content online. Sometimes I may use images that I believe are part of the public domain. I do not claim to be the owner of these images, and all content is copyrighted to its respectful owner. If you are the owner of content that you do not want me to use, please contact me via my Contact Form and I will remove it as soon as possible.


I will only endorse products or services that I believe, based on my personal experience, are worthy of such endorsement. I do not claim to be an authority on any certain topic, product, or service area. Most items reviewed on this blog are nail related, as that is the content that appears most frequently on my blog. All products I review are purchased by me. These cases will be clearly identified.**

Some information about products given to me to review(such cases will be clearly identified*):

  • I am willing to accept offers to review products or services from companies or organizations. If you have a product or service you would like me to review, please use my Contact Form to get in touch.
  • I will only agree to review products or services that is relevant to my blog’s content.
  • I require that any products a company or organization wants me to review be shipped to me free of charge.
  • A full sized product is preferable, though not necessary.
  • I will keep any products sent  to me to review.
  • I do not accept payment to review any company or organization’s product or service, or to feature any topic on my blog.
  • While products given to me will surely affect the content on my blog, it will not alter my opinion.
  • I cannot guarantee a good (or bad) review for any product or service. In any case, I will always be honest in my reviews and as cordial as possible.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to review a product or service if I wish.

My reviews will include the following:

  • the product name and the name of the company
  • any claims that the packaging has
  • images of the product and, if possible, of  the product in use (for example, nail polish being worn)
  • a description of the product, looks, feels, etc.
  • my honest opinion, listing both pros and cons (if any of either category)


I rarely hold giveaways, but when I do, the prizes are purchased by myself as a gift from me to my followers.

  • Entrants must be 18 or older & be a resident of the United States
  • I will not hold giveaways from companies wanting me to host a giveaway for their product or service. I am however, willing to accept products or services from companies and organizations to review. If I like the product or service, I will tell my readers about it and encourage them to try the product or service for themselves.

*”items in this post were provided for my review. for more information, visit my disclosure & policy page.”

**”items in this post were purchased by me to use and review. for more information, visit my disclosure & policy page.”