Day 8 | Week One Update

It’s the end of week 1 in my 90 day journey. And honestly, I’ve never felt so good. Ok time for a recap.

Let’s start with just a basic overview . . . I would have to say that this week has definitely been one of the most challenging weeks that I could have started this. Not because working out is hard (it is) or because eating well is more difficult than thought of (it is – ish) but because of my job.

Some may already know that I work in the veterinary field. And just like anything in any sort of medical field, the job is definitely trying. Physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting and especially so for an introvert like myself. This leads to not wanting to cook, wanting to sleep in, not drinking enough water during work, and the urge to stress-eat. All of these things are absolutely NOT ok if you’re trying to workout, eat well, and build up a generally healthier life. In other words, it makes this 90 day journey a beast to tackle in some moments. But that’s why this journey is so important for me.

Stress definitely has made keeping motivation up REALLY hard – and on Thursday I almost let it win. I skipped my workout on Thursday, which as I mentioned that day, usually leads to the ultimate giving up and breaking of the streak. I made the choice to break the cycle and I made sure I got up Friday morning and I. Worked. Out. AND I made myself workout Saturday after work AND today! I am so proud of myself just for making it this far, and that itself is more than enough fuel to keep me going.

I think I realized and saw the biggest difference in my overall state of mind this week. Because even though I had a rough time at work, I was still feeling pretty good. It wasn’t until Thursday – the one day that I skipped out – that I felt absolutely miserable. Was work more stressful that day? Maybe. But I am also 99.9% positive that, had I worked out even a little bit, I would have been in a better mood. I even mentioned to Zach after my Friday routine that I felt the endorphins starting to kick in during and after my workouts! I was starting to enjoy the workouts, and even SMILING. Crazy huh?

So let’s get down to the finer details. Let’s break it down . . .

What Did I Do?
  • Follow along w/ Blogilates’ March workout calendar daily, then following up with a stretching yoga routine from SarahBethYoga (both on YouTube) for a cool down.
  • Drank either a Bang or Reign preworkout/energy drink prior to and kind of during my workouts (definitely kept me from feeling burned out mid way and absolutely gave me what I needed to get up and workout first thing in the morning!)
  • Got generally around 8ish hours of sleep every night
  • Drank almost or an entire gallon of water DAILY!
  • Watched calories, but was not super restrictive. I didn’t want my first week to be too rough, but I for sure made the choice to stay away from more sweets, and made more of an effort to eat more veggies.
  • Cut back on coffee. This was an unexpected side effect of drinking an energy drink in the morning for preworkout. Turns out, I feel better and more awake with an energy drink & that workout high!

Like I mentioned, I didn’t want to make my first week too rough or restrictive. I figured that I’d start with making myself workout daily, then slowly integrate more strict rules/methods. Turns out I also didn’t have to try very hard to keep my calories in check either, as I’ve been trying to get more protein into my diet. So I frequently had a protein shake or protein bar which helped keep me full – and the bars served as a great snack between meals to keep me from reaching from the candy at work. This week I definitely plan on trying to reach for healthy snack and more veggies.

Now time for some numbers . . . I know I said that I only intended on taking my measurements once a month, and weigh myself daily, but I got curious (because to be honest my scrub pants started fitting looser already!) so I figured why not?

Week 1 Measurements
  • Weight: 177.2 lb ( -3.2 lb)
  • Chest: 38 “ (+/- 0)
  • Right Arm: 13.5 (+/- 0)
  • Left Arm: 13.5 (+/- 0)
  • Right Thigh: 25.5” (-0.9”)
  • Left Thigh: 25.75” (-0.5”)
  • Waist: 32.5” (-1”)
  • Muffin Top: 38” (-1”)
  • Hips: 42” (-1.4”)

That’s a total of 4.85” lost all over!

So there we are guys. Week 1 down! I’m feeling really damn great right now. I can’t wait to see what week 2 has in store.

~xoxo, Katie~

Day 7 | Week 1 Done!

Sooooo life has sucked a little – but I will be posting a 1 week update tomorrow!

Quick update; for the first time in I don’t even know how long – I have stuck to my workout routine for an entire WEEK!

But, once more I’ve put off writing (maybe that’ll be the new challenge for next week) and stayed up late to push out an update. So it’s off to bed for me, and I’ll be here tomorrow with a more in-depth update!

~xoxo, Katie~

Day 6 | Keep Going

You know how before I mentioned that the reason why I’ve failed in the past is partially due to taking a “rest day” and then proceeding to just stop working out completely? Yeah well, yesterday I didn’t workout. Being so overly tired from work, I woke up late, and then just had a rough day altogether. I was irritated that I was tired, and annoyed with myself for skipping a day.

But…today I made the change. I made a choice. Instead of being upset with myself and beating myself up, I did yesterday’s workout today. Luckily, Friday’s are to be “rest days” for stretching (which I intended on not actually resting but instead making more time for yoga). So I was able to treat yesterday as a rest day and today picked right back up where I left off.

Things are changing y’all. I hope you have a good weekend. Chat again tomorrow. You can expect a full week 1 update either tomorrow or Sunday!

~xoxo, Katie~

Day 5 | Mental Health

I don’t think enough people talk about the mental effects that your physical appearance and health. And a big part of this journey I’m on has to do with my mental health.

See, it wasn’t until I was overweight and starting to have self image issues that my mental health took a nosedive. Sure everyone has their fair share of baggage from their past and childhood – but it didn’t turn into an ugly beast for me until the pain of self-confidence issues set in. Growing up I had always felt fairly good about myself, even with the usual teasing from kids. I was always generally happy with myself the way I was.

But gaining weight changed all of that. My belly got big, I got a muffin top, my breasts grew 2 cup sizes, and I got rolls on my back . . . add that to the starting physical pains of being overweight (knee pain, back pain, fatigue, being just generally unfit and unhealthy) and I started slowly sinking. And everything else just seemed to cling to it like a magnet.

For me this is a journey of 2 things. 1 – my physical health and wellbeing so I can stay fit and healthy and live a hopefully long and productive and happy life. 2 – my mental wellbeing, regaining my confidence through weight loss and the empowerment that making the choice and putting in the effort to make this kind of life change brings with it. The sense of control and balance. It all goes hand in hand, because that’s how it came to me.

~xoxo, Katie~

Day 4 | Sleep Please

I think it’s definitely a sign of how stupidly out of shape that I am, but I am so utterly exhausted today. (Doesn’t help I didn’t really get enough sleep last night . . .) I’m still going though. And after Thursday I have a rest day; rest day meaning that instead of a Blogilates intense workout, I’ll be doing a longer set of yoga stretches.

Honestly I’m super excited for it, because my muscles are starting to feel really sore and achy, especially my back. Even though I have been making a point to do at least a 5 – 15 minute cool down/yoga routine after my workouts to stretch out my muscles again.

But I know that this will all get easier, as I move forward and slowly build a routine and it becomes habit. My body will get used to working out daily – or at all honestly. And slowly but surely I’ll be able to really push myself even more. I am starting to enjoy these workouts though, so that’s something.

Now though, time for some much needed zzz’s.

~xoxo, Katie~